About Us

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We set up our business to help company directors make successful director redundancy claims following the liquidation of their limited companies.

We understand exactly what statutory entitlements directors are able to claim and we aim to ensure company directors get the maximum pay-outs achievable.

CFS Redundancy Payments Ltd is a claims management company authorised and regulated by FCA. Only such companies can process employment related claims.

Our Key Members of Staff

Jeremy Carter

The business is headed up by Jeremy Carter who qualified as a chartered accountant in 1985 and became a licensed insolvency practitioner the following year. Since 1998 he has been operating Capital Financial Solutions which offers business solutions to company directors facing financial uncertainty. In 2018 he established CFS Redundancy Payments Ltd.

Emily Parry

Emily Parry has recently been recruited to head up our directors redundancy claims processing unit. She previously worked for a large firm of licensed insolvency practitioners in a variety of key senior roles. She has an in depth understanding of the redundancy claims and payments processes and the various statutory entitlements available to company directors.

This is our bespoke directors redundancy payments process


Directors redundancy claims will be completed by us and processed by RPS in two stages. The first stage will be the submission and processing of your claims for redundancy pay, unpaid wages and holiday pay. Typically, it will take us 8-12 weeks to secure the payment of these elements of your claim by RPS. The second stage will be the completion and processing of your notice pay claim, which will take a further 1-3 weeks to be paid by RPS.

Receive & validate enquiry from Director

Establish eligibility for claim

If eligible for claim request full information from Director

Ask additional questions where Director has new job

Once all questions answered send the pre-contractual information document

Statement of all information received to be prepared as basis of claim

Director claim documents created and sent for signing and return

Request & receive the case number reference from Liquidator

Submit RP1 claim form online and send signed mandate letter to Redundancy Payments Service

Further questions sent to Director to complete next part of claim

Then submit RP3 supplementary claim form online

At end of notice period final questions will be answered and RP2 claim form will be submitted online.

Payment of claim to Director

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