Pensions & Redundancy

14:37 19 January in Pensions, Redundancy

The Employment Rights Act 1996 and Pension Schemes Act (amendment) Regulations 2017 The Employment Rights Act 1996 and Pension Schemes Act 1993 (Amendment) Regulations 2017 (“the Regulations”) make amendments to sections 166 and 183 of the Employment Rights Act 1996 and section 123 of the Pension...

Secretary of State v Knight (2013)

14:47 17 January in Legal

Are directors entitled to redundancy? There is a widely held view and common belief that company directors are not entitled to redundancy pay but in limited circumstances it may be possible. When a business fails and has to go into liquidation, directors, who have invested time, sweat...

Directors redundancy pay

16:51 15 January in Redundancy

Directors redundancy When a company goes into liquidation, it’s generally understood that employees are entitled to redundancy pay. But what about the company directors themselves? Ultimately it is their business that has failed, and their livelihood that has collapsed. Unbeknown to many directors, the government does provide...

Director redundancy

16:48 15 January in Redundancy

When a business fails, and cannot afford to pay redundancy money, employees can claim redundancy money from the National Insurance Fund (NIF) by making a claim to the Redundancy Payments Service (RPS). The issue becomes contentious when director shareholders claim: sometimes the RPS will argue...