Director redundancy

16:48 15 January in Redundancy

When a business fails, and cannot afford to pay redundancy money, employees can claim redundancy money from the National Insurance Fund (NIF) by making a claim to the Redundancy Payments Service (RPS). The issue becomes contentious when director shareholders claim: sometimes the RPS will argue...

Directors Redundancy

16:45 15 January in Redundancy

Are directors entitled to redundancy? When a limited company faces insolvency there is a strong likelihood that, unless an Administrator can make immediate changes to restructure the business and make it both profitable and saleable, it will close. The consequence for employees of both restructuring and...

Claims Management Regulator – 31.07.2018

16:34 31 July in Claims

July 2018 Complying with The Claims Management Regulator Overview The Claims Management Regulator (“CMR”) works to protect and promote the interests of consumers and the public, and to ensure that the organisations acting as a Claims Management Company (“CMC”) understand and comply with the regulations of operating...