Company Liquidation Services

24 Aug, 2020

Hello to all our visitors from the company liquidation services website. After many years of successfully helping business owners to liquidate their company, we took the decision to concentrate fully on claiming redundancy payments for directors. Many directors do not know that they and other employees can claim up to 30 weeks redundancy pay, which is currently capped at £538 per week. They can also claim up to 8 weeks unpaid wages and 6 weeks holiday pay; together with a maximum of 12 weeks notice pay, again capped at £538 per week. We help directors to maximise their pay-outs if they paid themselves less than the minimum wage and supplemented their earnings with dividends. In certain circumstances, long-serving directors earning £28,000 PA or more, can be entitled to claim as much as £27,330.

Please take a look around our website. Use our helpful redundancy payment calculator.

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