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CFS Redundancy Payments Ltd is a regulated claims management company (CMC). We understand exactly what statutory entitlements company directors are able to claim and we aim to ensure that they get the maximum possible pay-outs achievable.

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Directors Redundancy Pay

It is a common misconception that company directors cannot claim redundancy and those that do bother are likely to find the odds are stacked against them making successful claims. Only a CMC authorised by FCA can process employment related claims.

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How Much Redundancy?

To save you the effort of doing the complicated mathematical calculations to figure all of this out, we have already done the sums for you in our user friendly Redundancy Calculator. It will take you just a minute to discover how much we can help you to claim.

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Director Redundancy FAQ’s

Two of the most common questions we get asked are ``What is the maximum I may be entitled to claim?” and ``What would prevent a directors redundancy claim being approved?``

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Dear insolvency professionals the Redundancy Payments Service is introducing a new Case Management System in the first quarter of 2019 currently expected to be at the end of February.

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Many company directors find our help to be invaluable and we will always ensure that you claim the maximum possible entitlement available based on your individual circumstances.

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What our customers say about us

Hi All

Thank you so much for all your work to get it to this point

I really do appreciate your efforts

Kindest regards

Chris Masters 26th August 2021

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Did you know…

Company directors and other employees can claim up to 30 weeks Redundancy pay, which is currently capped at £544 per week. They can also claim up to 8 weeks unpaid wages and 6 weeks holiday pay; together with a maximum of 12 weeks notice pay, again capped at £544 per week.

We can help directors to maximise their pay-outs if they paid themselves less than the minimum wage and supplemented their earnings with dividends. In certain circumstances, long serving directors earning £28,000 PA or more, can be entitled to claim as much as £27,635.

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Our Key Members of Staff

Jeremy Carter

The business is headed up by Jeremy Carter who qualified as a chartered accountant in 1985 and became a licensed insolvency practitioner the following year. Since 1998 he has been operating Capital Financial Solutions which offers business solutions to company directors facing financial uncertainty. In 2018 he established CFS Redundancy Payments Ltd.

Emily Parry

Emily Parry has recently been recruited to head up our directors redundancy claims processing unit. She previously worked for a large firm of licensed insolvency practitioners in a variety of key senior roles. She has an in depth understanding of the redundancy claims and payments processes and the various statutory entitlements available to company directors.