Uploading RP14 & RP14A forms: RPS Supplementary Guidance

17 Jun, 2019

Supplementary Guidance from RPS – Uploading RP14 & RP14A forms

If you are trying to upload an RP14 or RP14A form and receive an error message, we have created guidance to help you correct some common errors.


Check the upload guidance

Make sure you’ve followed all the steps in the upload guidance


Check the file size

The file size must be less than 10MB. If your file is bigger than this, you need to separate it into smaller files so it can be uploaded.


Check there’s a case reference

A case reference must always be included. Please check that there are no spaces before or after in the case reference.


Check there’s a valid National Insurance number for all entries

All entries must include a valid National Insurance number. Temporary or dummy National Insurance numbers will not be accepted and will cause the upload to fail.


Check there are no empty or blank rows

If there are empty or blank rows at the end of the file the upload will fail. To remove any empty records:

    • Highlight the blank row
    • Right click
    • Delete the row

Check there are no more than 2 decimal places in each cell

No cell should include a numerical value with more than 2 decimal places. You may need to select each cell individually to make sure figures do not have more than 2 decimal places, as it’s not always visible. This includes the following fields:

In the RP14

  •  The share holder percentage field

In the RP14A

  • The basic pay per week
  • The arrears of pay owed
  • The number of days holiday owed 

Check all numerical fields contain numbers only

If you include any special character, such as £, or any text, the upload will fail.


Check the employee reference number is entered correctly

Please enter the Employers PAYE Reference Number (ERN),not the Unique Reference Number. The reference should have no more than 11 characters, including the forward slash (/).


Check date fields are formatted correctly

Date fields should be formatted as DD/MM/YYYY. If the date is unknown and the field is not mandatory you should leave it blank.


If you follow this guidance and your document still will not upload please contact the IP Helpdesk

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