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Insolvency Practitioners – Updating an Existing RP14A

15 Nov, 2019

Following the system upgrades at the Redundancy Payments Service (RPS) in March 2019, Insolvency Practitioners were asked to provide any updates to information on previously submitted RP14A’s by email, however RPS have recently advised that this is no longer the case. Where information on an existing claim has changed or..

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Update from the Insolvency Service

27 Sep, 2019

Dear IP – September 2019 You will be aware that in March 2019 we introduced new case management and payments systems for Redundancy Payments Service. The past six months have been particularly challenging as the systems did not initially land as smoothly as we would have hoped due to several..

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RPS – Award Payment Letter Delay

05 Sep, 2019

The Redundancy Payments Service (‘RPS’) are aware that there is currently an issue with their systems which is resulting in the payment of claims being made before award letters have been issued explaining what the payment relates to. RPS have stated that they are not to be contacted in relation..

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RPS Helpline Opening Hours – Further Changes

28 Aug, 2019

Further to our post on 19 August 2019, the opening hours for the Redundancy Payments Service ‘RPS’ Helpline (0330 331 0020) have changed again. The phone lines will now be open from 9am until 1pm Monday to Friday. While this may mean that it is more difficult to reach the..

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RPS Helpline – New Opening Hours

19 Aug, 2019

The opening hours for the Redundancy Payments Service (‘RPS’) 0330 331 0020 Helpline have changed. The new times are as follows: Monday – 9am – 1pm Tuesday – 9am – 1pm Wednesday – 9am – 5pm Thursday – 9am – 1pm Friday – 9am – 1pm RPS can also be contacted..

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Claim Calculation Change – Compensatory Notice Pay

19 Aug, 2019

The Redundancy Payments Service (‘RPS’) have advised that claims for Compensatory Notice Pay (‘CNP’) for those with weekly salaries in excess of the weekly limit payable by RPS of £525 (previously £508) are now being calculated differently. This change came in the effect on 6 April 2019. Whereas previously the..

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RPS – Duplicate Deductions from Compensatory Notice Pay

10 Jul, 2019

We have been made aware that the Redundancy Payments Service (RPS) is experiencing some problems with the way that their upgraded system is calculating the payment of Compensatory Notice Pay Claims. In some cases, where the Director owed money to the Company and has already had this deducted from another..

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Uploading RP14 & RP14A forms: RPS Supplementary Guidance

17 Jun, 2019

Supplementary Guidance from RPS – Uploading RP14 & RP14A forms If you are trying to upload an RP14 or RP14A form and receive an error message, we have created guidance to help you correct some common errors.   Check the upload guidance Make sure you’ve followed all the steps in the upload..

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‘Carry Over’ Holiday Claims – How the calculations are made

13 May, 2019

Understanding just how the Redundancy Payments Service (RPS) calculate holiday entitlement can be really quite confusing, especially when it comes to ‘Carry Over’ holidays. The RPS have recently set out the details below on how these calculations are made, and so we hope this may provide some clarity: The amount..

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Insolvency Software Causing Further Delay

05 Apr, 2019

In addition to the delays caused by the teething problems with the Redundancy Payments Service’s (RPS) new Case Management System (CMS), it has come to light that a software solution used by some Insolvency Practitioners is not completing the mandatory fields of the RP14 and RP14a which is leading to..

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